Reliable and efficient partner supporting export-import activities benefiting member countries and offering competitive financial products and services
The Bank is a supranational intergovernmental organization that is exempt from local taxes and regulation, and also enjoys the support of the state and financial authorities of the member countries represented in the IBEC Council.

The unique geographical composition of the Bank's members contributes to the development of integration between member countries and with other regions, bringing together the economic interests of the East and West. The main directions of the Bank's activities are to support export-oriented companies of the member countries, assist them in entering new markets and participating in sustainable development projects in accordance with the 2030 Agenda. The Bank provides targeted support for export and import operations in the member countries of the Bank by providing loans and participating in syndicated transactions. The difference between IBEC and other multilateral development banks (MDBs) lies in its ability to provide cash management services, including an unlimited settlement function.
Development history and significant events

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IBEC Features
The geographically unique composition of member countries contributes to the development of cross-border trade relations between European and Asian countries.
The IBEC can act as both the home bank of the exporter and the bank of the importer, thus supporting various foreign trade operations of the IBEC member countries and contributing to the strengthening of their economic ties.
The ability to perform the settlement function, open and maintain customer accounts both in the main world currencies and in the currencies of the member countries.
IBEC is not subject to sanctions: the restrictive measures established by the EU Council Regulation No. 833/2014 dated July 31, 2014 do not apply to financial transactions carried out by the Bank.
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International institutions, Development Banks, Export Credit Agencies
Commercial banks
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